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From: bcjim [#5]
 13 Jun 19:54
To: Tedstor [#4] 13 Jun 20:00

They got to try something. Margins on breakfast must be nil.

What I don't get is how IHOP (and the like) have lines, sometimes BIG lines on Sat/Sun morning. Who stands in line to eat at IHOP...ever? Its literally no better than fast food (imo) and certainly not ever, ever, ever, worth waiting 30 min just to be seated. Breakfast food is basically the same stuff no matter where you eat.


From: 虎モリナリ (BUCKET_LIST) [#6]
 13 Jun 20:01
To: COME_AND_TAKE_IT! (HAX) [#1] 13 Jun 20:05

I've heard it's a temporary promo, a week or so, for their new burger lineup. There's one very near me, so I will try one of their burgers. I get a diet cheating breakfast there about once or twice a month.


From: Tedstor [#7]
 13 Jun 20:08
To: bcjim [#5] 13 Jun 21:02

I ate at ihop a few weeks ago in While I’m Portland on business. Coffee, and order of pancakes, and an order of sausage was like 20 bucks with 20% tip.

When I got home I mentioned this to my wife. She had evidentially taken our kids there for breakfast a few weeks prior.....she said she paid almost 50 bucks.

I really like ihop pancakes. But I’m feeling priced out. For 20 bucks, a butler should be delivering pancakes to me in bed with a freshly ironed newspaper.Lol.


From: Robert (J_CLIMACUS) [#8]
 13 Jun 20:11

Got to love Wendys response to someone.


From: COME_AND_TAKE_IT! (HAX) [#9]
 13 Jun 20:15
To: Robert (J_CLIMACUS) [#8] 13 Jun 20:16

Whataburger had a good one too:

As much as we love our pancakes, we'd never change our name to Whatapancake


From: Robert (J_CLIMACUS) [#10]
 13 Jun 20:16
To: COME_AND_TAKE_IT! (HAX) [#9] 13 Jun 21:43



From: 8Putt (STR8PUTT) [#11]
 13 Jun 20:57
To: Robert (J_CLIMACUS) [#8] 14 Jun 7:52

Yeah I follow Wendys on twitter.
Have to give it to them. They let their twitter persona go in on people hard.

I know the first time someone posted an @wendys tweet. I was like no way that's real with as easy as people get butt hurt...checked it out and it was real. Been following them ever since


From: Robert (J_CLIMACUS) [#12]
 14 Jun 7:54
To: 8Putt (STR8PUTT) [#11] 14 Jun 8:39

Every once in a while, I'll look at their feed. But I don't follow them. You're right, there's some funny stuff there.


From: Luvpings [#13]
 14 Jun 7:59
To: COME_AND_TAKE_IT! (HAX) [#9] 14 Jun 9:16

Whataburger is great!


From: COME_AND_TAKE_IT! (HAX) [#14]
 14 Jun 9:17
To: Luvpings [#13] 14 Jun 10:30

They tried to kill me after Harvey but they are always on scene giving out meals.

I love whataburger


From: Drewser [#15]
 14 Jun 9:41
To: COME_AND_TAKE_IT! (HAX) [#1] 14 Jun 10:02

Yeah, kind of a desperate move on the way to consolidation, sale, or bk


From: Skateboard Jesus (IDANO) [#16]
 14 Jun 9:46
To: Robert (J_CLIMACUS) [#10] 14 Jun 10:32

And a little shade from the Burger King.


From: COME_AND_TAKE_IT! (HAX) [#17]
 14 Jun 10:03

Is this the start of the fast food wars referenced in the cinematic masterpiece "Demolition Man"?


From: Tedstor [#18]
 14 Jun 10:04
To: COME_AND_TAKE_IT! (HAX) [#17] 14 Jun 10:05

I hope not. I'm pretty sure Taco Bell's pancakes will completely suck.


From: COME_AND_TAKE_IT! (HAX) [#19]
 14 Jun 10:05
To: Tedstor [#18] 14 Jun 10:43

I'm more concerned with the 3 clam shells and no swearing.


From: jvincent [#20]
 14 Jun 10:16
To: COME_AND_TAKE_IT! (HAX) [#19] 14 Jun 10:37

I picture you as Dennis Leary's character.


From: COME_AND_TAKE_IT! (HAX) [#21]
 14 Jun 10:38
To: jvincent [#20] 14 Jun 11:01 in a sewer eating rat burgers.


From: Tedstor [#22]
 14 Jun 10:46
To: COME_AND_TAKE_IT! (HAX) [#21] 14 Jun 12:30

and driving a muscle car.
Could be worse


From: jvincent [#23]
 14 Jun 11:01
To: COME_AND_TAKE_IT! (HAX) [#21] 14 Jun 12:30

Once you've had rat, you never go back.


From: 8Putt (STR8PUTT) [#24]
 14 Jun 16:27
To: Robert (J_CLIMACUS) [#8] 14 Jun 16:56




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