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From: Over the top doesn't work. (FITZ) [#1]
 19 Apr 18:26

3 little names in golf equipment are back in 2018.

Don White from Macgregor
Ari Techner from Scratch golf
Terry Koehler the wedge guy!


From: grm24 [#2]
 19 Apr 18:35
To: Over the top doesn't work. (FITZ) [#1] 20 Apr 0:45

quote: 7 more yards would be nice... (FITZ)
Terry Koehler the wedge guy!
Did Jeff McCoy change his name? Koehler is not mentioned in that article.


From: COME_AND_TAKE_IT! (HAX) [#3]
 19 Apr 18:40
To: Over the top doesn't work. (FITZ) [#1] 20 Apr 0:45

Those look demanding.


From: The Edge (EDGEMAN1) [#4]
 19 Apr 20:33
To: COME_AND_TAKE_IT! (HAX) [#3] 20 Apr 6:02

Those look demanding.

One bad mis-hit with those on a cold day, and your finger tips will be numb for a few hours.


From: COME_AND_TAKE_IT! (HAX) [#5]
 20 Apr 6:09
To: The Edge (EDGEMAN1) [#4] 20 Apr 20:24

I would love to have a set of those ferrules in red, white, and blue.

If that had been an option my Edel SLS01's, I'd have gotten them.


From: joe (JOEVILLINGER) [#6]
 20 Apr 9:24
To: Over the top doesn't work. (FITZ) [#1] 22 Apr 0:41

Are those the old PMB's ?


From: Mike (DESMOND) [#7]
 20 Apr 11:03
To: COME_AND_TAKE_IT! (HAX) [#5] 20 Apr 18:14

Edel has some very nice blades with custom bounce angles but not SL.


From: Tedstor [#8]
 20 Apr 11:06
To: Over the top doesn't work. (FITZ) [#1] 22 Apr 0:41

GREAT looking heads. I LOVE the clean, simple look.........but I'm not man enough.


From: Shaggy (SHAGBAG) [#9]
 20 Apr 11:28
To: Over the top doesn't work. (FITZ) [#1] 22 Apr 0:41

And people complained when the new Hogan co. used oft numbers instead of traditional iron numbers??


From: CenterICE [#10]
 20 Apr 11:59
To: Over the top doesn't work. (FITZ) [#1] 22 Apr 0:41

(The company website shows a proto very simylar to this...

So they are not just drawing from MacGregor grinds


From: Over the top doesn't work. (FITZ) [#11]
 22 Apr 0:52

I agree, great looking and there is no way I am man enough either!

Speaking of people being upset with the new Hogan's lofts instead of iron #'s. Terry K. mentioned on that he had nothing to do with the Equalizer products and that he has something new in the works.

I can only imagine that it's a progression of his ideal loft launch conditions. No idea if that will work but that's my #1 guess as far as technology. Secondarily how he elects to pursue distribution of his new product to me will be the most fascinating aspect.

Here is 14's new wedge and I'd be lying if I said it didn't look a lot like the Reid Lockhart wedges to me.


From: Boomslang (DAVE PINKSTON) [#12]
 22 Apr 0:56
To: The Edge (EDGEMAN1) [#4] 22 Apr 10:08

Just don't mishit.

Dave P


From: grm24 [#13]
 22 Apr 1:10
To: Over the top doesn't work. (FITZ) [#11] 22 Apr 19:59


From: Hoganman1 [#14]
 22 Apr 10:04

Hopefully, this isn't seen as thread highjack, but it does appear forged blades are making a comeback. I played Hogan Apex for over a decade and really liked them. Although my handicap never was lower than 8 I preferred how they felt and performed. I'm a senior now and my swing speed is such that I probably couldn't even get my old irons airborne.
Having said that I'm toying with the idea of getting a 20* Hogan Ft. Worth Hi iron. I struggle with fairway woods and hybrids and actually have more confidence in my Mizuno JBX 850 four iron. All I hear is that high handicappers and seniors shouldn't carry anything lower than a five or six iron. That logic just does not work for me.
Have any of you out there with slower swing speeds had similar experiences?


 22 Apr 10:30
To: Hoganman1 [#14] 22 Apr 10:35

" ...forged blades ..."

Of course everyone realizes that blades, whether forged or cast, offer the same playability. Or the same challenges, depending on your glass half full perspective. The size and weight distribution, MOI, COG, and all those parameters determine how easy or difficult an iron head will be to hit properly, the ball doesn't care whether it is being hit by a cast or by a forged head.


From: motorespeeder (76MPG) [#16]
 22 Apr 11:36
To: grm24 [#13] 23 Apr 9:35

What? You don't think fourteen was inspired by a Reid Lockhart wedge?


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