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From: sukkeun [#1]
 19 Apr 22:21

I was able to get really great deal on this iron set that I couldn't resist.
I couldn't hit them yet because I am in MN.
I am worry that this is too much of player's iron where my handicap is too high to handle them.
Does any mid to high handicapper actually using them? Would it be too difficult to hit them consistently as mid to high handicapper?


From: That Canadian (PERKINSROOSTER) [#2]
 19 Apr 23:08
To: sukkeun [#1] 19 Apr 23:10

Haven't hit them but I've heard great things. Personally I feel forgiveness in an iron head is a little over rated. I mean, these are cavity back irons - unless they really don't fit you I don't see it being an issue.


 20 Apr 8:32
To: sukkeun [#1] 20 Apr 8:51

No, I haven't. But looking at the MPF ratings the Wilson FG Tour V6 Forged is listed as a "Player's Classic" with relatively high COG, a small head, and more traditional lofts. So yeah, they might not be ideal for a normal mid-cap amateur.

Be sure and let us know how it works out after you get a chance to play 'em.


From: Anser (ANSERMAN) [#4]
 20 Apr 8:41

Wilson sells about 20 sets of irons a year so it's gonna be tough for you to get any reviews


From: That Canadian (PERKINSROOSTER) [#5]
 20 Apr 9:56
To: HTG (HOUTEXGOLFER) [#3] 20 Apr 10:03

Yes, but a lot of clubs with a low MPF are actually quite forgiving. i20's for instance.


 20 Apr 10:05
To: That Canadian (PERKINSROOSTER) [#5] 20 Apr 13:33

That is why he has to play them, and tell us how well they work. "On paper" they should be only for the very best ball-strikers. If you trust the MPF ratings.

Sometimes I pull out an iron I played 40 years ago and wonder how I was able to do it. lol


From: sukkeun [#7]
 20 Apr 10:41
To: HTG (HOUTEXGOLFER) [#6] 20 Apr 10:47

I hope I can play soon. Snow are beginning to melt and hopefully courses will be open soon in MN.


 20 Apr 10:49
To: sukkeun [#7] 20 Apr 10:49

Get a cheap airline ticket and come down to Texas for a few days, all the courses are green!!


From: NRJyzr [#9]
 20 Apr 11:35
To: That Canadian (PERKINSROOSTER) [#5] 20 Apr 13:33

The final MPF score isn't a measure of forgiveness. The closest that the MPF data comes to such a measurement is the MOI, which is in the detail data.

MPF final score is essentially a grade of how close that part clubhead is to Ralph Maltby's design philosophy (low cg, cgin center of clubface, MOI, etc).


From: COME_AND_TAKE_IT! (HAX) [#10]
 21 Apr 9:24
To: sukkeun [#1] 21 Apr 10:03

Before I took the plunge on the Edel SLS-01 irons...these were at the top of my list to try.

Very compact club head (a plus for me), minimal offset (a plus for me) and forged (a plus for me) and traditional lofts (a huge plus for me).

The downside for me was that I have an atypical fitting for irons and I cannot stand the feel of Dynamic Gold iron shafts...which is pretty much all that was available with them.

I'd love to have a set of those to mess around with but to my specs, 5-GW, and with something a bit smoother than the Dynamic Golds.

I think you will like them. Just go hit them and enjoy them and don't worry about whether you can or can't...just go do it!


From: sukkeun [#11]
 21 Apr 10:03
To: COME_AND_TAKE_IT! (HAX) [#10] 21 Apr 19:39

Thanks for the info. I guess I am thinking too much while courses are open.


From: Anser (ANSERMAN) [#12]
 21 Apr 15:53
To: COME_AND_TAKE_IT! (HAX) [#10] 21 Apr 19:39

stop swinging like a ladyboi and man up to s-300


From: COME_AND_TAKE_IT! (HAX) [#13]
 21 Apr 19:41
To: Anser (ANSERMAN) [#12] 22 Apr 15:58

Shaft tech took a step back when Royal Precision went under and stopped making the plain Jane rifle shafts.


From: jvincent [#14]
 21 Apr 21:03
To: Anser (ANSERMAN) [#12] 22 Apr 15:58

So many better options than DG.


From: ned (NIGGBAYRULES) [#15]
 22 Apr 0:30
To: COME_AND_TAKE_IT! (HAX) [#10] 22 Apr 12:13

McGolf builds them

see his videos


From: Anser (ANSERMAN) [#16]
 22 Apr 15:58
To: jvincent [#14] 22 Apr 16:02

I'd agree I just wanted to jab hax

I am liking the project x lz in my 790's


From: COME_AND_TAKE_IT! (HAX) [#17]
 22 Apr 16:13
To: Anser (ANSERMAN) [#16] 22 Apr 16:21

LOL...I have Graphite does that make me Gender Fluid?


From: Anser (ANSERMAN) [#18]
 22 Apr 16:21
To: COME_AND_TAKE_IT! (HAX) [#17] 22 Apr 16:55

Your pronouns are ####, slut, and hoo or


From: COME_AND_TAKE_IT! (HAX) [#19]
 22 Apr 16:56
To: Anser (ANSERMAN) [#18] 22 Apr 16:56



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