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From: avidgolfer [#1]
 22 Apr 23:33

Anyone having any success with a thriver? I’m looking to try one out to start the season.


From: Chicken wing swing NOT so bad! (FITZ) [#2]
 22 Apr 23:54
To: avidgolfer [#1] 23 Apr 7:24

Not currently, I am curious though what SS and what length driver are you playing and or aiming for?

For me, 5 or 6 years ago something changed and I felt that I can hit the driver nearly as straight as my 4wd.


 23 Apr 7:54
To: avidgolfer [#1] 23 Apr 8:38

Maybe not exactly what you are asking about but I have a 12* driver at 43.5" that has about 10 grams of Pb tape on the rear side of the head so it plays like a 3-wood. I regularly carry it along with my regular driver and I use it for shots where accuracy is more important than sheer distance.


From: Shaggy (SHAGBAG) [#4]
 23 Apr 8:32
To: avidgolfer [#1] 23 Apr 8:38

I don't use one, but would strongly consider a newer model as face technology and designs have improved COR significantly in the past 4-5 years.
Resulting in more distance on mis-hits.


From: COME_AND_TAKE_IT! (HAX) [#5]
 23 Apr 21:06
To: avidgolfer [#1] 23 Apr 21:30

It's not a thriver per se, but I have a Tour Edge Exotics EX9 Long that I got from Doug Mael.

This club is laughably long and super easy to hit off the tee. It's a slightly larger clubbed than the regular EX9, but the ball flight is flat, hot, carries for days, and hits the ground running.

You can get it or the EX10L in either 13 or 15*.

Mine is 15* with an Alidila Rogue 60 stiff...and it is an absolute monster off the tee.


From: kenoneputt [#6]
 23 Apr 22:27
To: avidgolfer [#1] 23 Apr 22:35

IMHO the answer depends on which version you're talking about.

A long time ago I started.what i believe was the first GEA discussion of Thrivers, which was based on a Golf Digest article that tested amateurs and concluded that a driver-length three wood was what people really needed.

Back then lofted drivers were rare. Since then it's gotten much easier to find a driver with plenty of loft or an oversized three wood that you can lengthen. And I think they're all good.

I've used several over the years with good success.

Short drivers, on the other hand, never worked for me. The loft was what made the Thrivers effective.



From: ProVbasher (CHRIS23312) [#7]
 24 Apr 18:52

old timers around here may remember the Taylor Made 200 series of SS metal woods. I used the 12.5* model with a rifle 5.0 steel shaft at about 43" and it was a fairway finder that could be hit within 5-10 yards of my best 44.5 graphite shafted big headed Ti driver of the day.


 24 Apr 19:04
To: ProVbasher (CHRIS23312) [#7] 24 Apr 19:25

I actually have several of the TM 200 driver heads, steel but a "hot" design. Some of the lofts are a bit off, I shafted a 10.5* that is actually 12*. But those are good heads, just a bit small by today's 460cc standard.


From: JDP [#9]
 25 Apr 7:31
To: avidgolfer [#1] 25 Apr 8:13

Why don't you try an infinitely adjustable 3 wood? I'm tuning in a Callaway Epic 3 wood for when a driver just won't do. It's almost as long and much more trustworthy.


From: hardpan [#10]
 26 Apr 12:09
To: avidgolfer [#1] 30 Apr 17:41

Taylormade mini driver, bigger than a 3wd head, much smaller than driver...12*, 14*, 16* ...I have the 14*


From: COME_AND_TAKE_IT! (HAX) [#11]
 27 Apr 9:20
To: hardpan [#10] 27 Apr 9:32

I had one...and liked it.


From: sandmangator [#12]
 29 Apr 20:59
To: hardpan [#10] 29 Apr 21:46

I wish I had kept both of my 12 and 14* mini drivers...

I still prefer the Wishon 959 OL High Launch. However, I am ready to re establish my grip on the taylormade mini 12 or 14* mini.

So please let me know if you have one of these.

Thank you


From: Mike (DESMOND) [#13]
 29 Apr 22:32
To: avidgolfer [#1] 30 Apr 17:41

I take my 45 inch driver and grip almost down to the graphite. Control with decent distance taking an easy swing. Haven't taken a fast swing in that grip down situation


From: Tom (TKTMSA) [#14]
 30 Apr 15:01
To: avidgolfer [#1] 30 Apr 17:41

Wishon 919F/D at the appropriate loft 42.5- 44 inches. Mine is a rocket!


From: ned (NIGGBAYRULES) [#15]
 1 May 21:50
To: Tom (TKTMSA) [#14] 2 May 0:25

i have one but never got on with it

my old 515 is a rocket launcher though.

been through the wars though,maybe a visit to Continental is in order


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