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From: boomboom (cavemeister) (SWISSMUESLI) [#1]
 23 Apr 0:42

I'm tempted to put together a set...
low offset and forgiving.


From: jumbogrip [#2]
 23 Apr 9:08
To: boomboom (cavemeister) (SWISSMUESLI) [#1] 23 Apr 11:16

I put some together last fall.

They are forgiving. They are a large clubhead with a much thicker topline than I expected....takes some getting used to.

The regular KE4 has a smaller "look" to it but has a bit more offset in the mid irons. Both about the same on the forgiveness scale.


From: Nat (NATROBIN) [#3]
 23 Apr 9:19
To: boomboom (cavemeister) (SWISSMUESLI) [#1] 23 Apr 11:16

I've been playing these since they came out (black version in '12 I think). I had played the older KE4 Tours and MO5s (now TE's). The new KE4 tours were a club longer than the older model (which I never loved) with the same shaft, literally, I just swapped heads, and noticeably more forgiving, and slightly lower trajectory. I really really like them. The black version finish wore pretty quickly, which didn't bother me, but I got a set of the newer chrome and prefer the look.
No interest in changing until I heard about a new iron head coming out, not the PTM but a blade and cavity back that is supposed to have a hot face ~PXGs.
Happy to answer any questions


From: The Edge (EDGEMAN1) [#4]
 23 Apr 11:23
To: boomboom (cavemeister) (SWISSMUESLI) [#1] 23 Apr 11:45

Currently in the bag (4 - GW). I got them in August last year. Golfworks had some promo going on at the time with free assembly & shipping. I would have preferred assembling the clubs myself, but in order for the loft & lie adjustment (maximum of 2 degrees up or down) to be free-of-charge, GW had to assemble it. So, I had them do it.

All told, I think I paid a total of $235 for the eight-club set of irons. A fantastic value for a quality set of irons that meets my criteria: a lie angle adjusted (flatter) to fit me better, a forgiving iron design with reduced offset and a couple degrees of jacked up loft in each head for greater carry distance.


From: Obiwan [#5]
 24 Apr 4:12
To: boomboom (cavemeister) (SWISSMUESLI) [#1] 24 Apr 4:44

If you are looking for forgiveness and lower offset in a larger head, these are it.


From: Cwebb [#6]
 24 Apr 14:17
To: boomboom (cavemeister) (SWISSMUESLI) [#1] 24 Apr 19:06

A really solid design. Easy to hit and very forgiving...especially towards the toe. The most forgiving towards the toe that I've tested.

Should be near the top of list for those looking for these characteristics, who also don't want a "spring face". No "jumpers" off the face, just solid predictable distance control


From: Problem Golfer (DON M) [#7]
 24 Apr 18:49
To: Cwebb [#6] 24 Apr 19:04

How different from it is the KE4 S? More offset, I see that in the specs. Trajectory? Forgiveness?


From: Cwebb [#8]
 24 Apr 19:12
To: Problem Golfer (DON M) [#7] 24 Apr 19:53

Yeah, the increased offset of the 'S' model is really noticeable on the 4, 5, & 6 irons.

Ironically the blade length is a smidge longer on the "tour" model. Contributes to how extra forgiving towards the toe they are. They have a longer "C-dimension" or horizontal COG (sweetspot) location...and the MOI is higher.

The tour model also has a slightly higher Actual Vertical COG (sweetspot), which can produce a little less spin and a "flatter" flight for some players.....but would be less forgiving for impact low on the face.

I prefer the "tour" model for most players, unless for whatever reason they really want more offset in the longer irons


From: boomboom (cavemeister) (SWISSMUESLI) [#9]
 24 Apr 19:19
To: Cwebb [#8] 24 Apr 20:46

Do you know what Maltby charges for lie/loft adjustment?


From: Problem Golfer (DON M) [#10]
 24 Apr 19:55
To: boomboom (cavemeister) (SWISSMUESLI) [#9] 24 Apr 19:57

I can tell you that if you buy a club pak, which is a great deal if you like the shafts offered, or a reasonable substitute you negotiate, and if you let them assemble the set for free, they will do loft and lie adjustments for free too.

I ordered an assembled set for a friend. I spec'd out the length, grip buildup, swingweight, lofts and lies. When they arrived I checked everything and they did a great job.


From: boomboom (cavemeister) (SWISSMUESLI) [#11]
 24 Apr 19:58
To: Problem Golfer (DON M) [#10] 24 Apr 20:34

hmmm,I don't like the shafts...I like x shafts.


From: Cwebb [#12]
 24 Apr 20:47
To: boomboom (cavemeister) (SWISSMUESLI) [#9] 24 Apr 21:47

quote: boomboom (cavemeister) (SWISSMUESLI)
Do you know what Maltby charges for lie/loft adjustment?

I don't. Never needed to use that service


From: Problem Golfer (DON M) [#13]
 25 Apr 6:19
To: Cwebb [#8] 25 Apr 11:45

Are the soles and leading edges pretty similar for the two models?


From: Nat (NATROBIN) [#14]
 25 Apr 9:51
To: Problem Golfer (DON M) [#7] 25 Apr 10:25

To me the biggest difference is in trajectory. The S goes higher


From: Nat (NATROBIN) [#15]
 25 Apr 9:53
To: boomboom (cavemeister) (SWISSMUESLI) [#11] 25 Apr 13:18

FWIW, the FST shafts (which I believe you can swap in) are the best value in golf. The only caveat is they do play a tad soft. FST 125 trimmed to an X is softer than say a DGX100 or Proj X 6.5, but they have held up well for the X flex people ive used them for


From: jumbogrip [#16]
 25 Apr 10:38
To: Nat (NATROBIN) [#15] 25 Apr 11:01

+1 on the FSTs. I installed the 125 stepped shafts in mine. I think it's a good shaft and at $5.99 / shaft it's tough to beat.

I have some Callaway irons with the Memphis 10 shaft and think they play pretty similarly.


From: Cwebb [#17]
 25 Apr 11:48
To: Problem Golfer (DON M) [#13] 25 Apr 18:51

quote: Problem Golfer (DON M)
Are the soles and leading edges pretty similar for the two models?

Yeah. Pretty "neutral". Nothing extreme on them, one way or the other


From: statechamp (COLE250) [#18]
 25 Apr 15:35
To: Cwebb [#17] 25 Apr 20:27

I’m thinking about when I get back from Scotland blunting the leading edges just a bit. Just give them a little roll, nothing drastic


From: Cwebb [#19]
 25 Apr 20:29
To: statechamp (COLE250) [#18] 26 Apr 1:58

I'd be interested in seeing pictures of that, if it works out well for you


From: ned (NIGGBAYRULES) [#20]
 26 Apr 6:17
To: Nat (NATROBIN) [#15] 26 Apr 14:36

would love to see a chart (or best guess) about the frequencies of the FST stepless

Best ive heard is 3/4/5/6.0 for the A/r/s/x but even that might be to strong for the 115 maybe ok for the 125?


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