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From: sandmangator [#1]
 23 Apr 16:39

Anyone try um? I hit one a few weeks ago, and it felt good. On third hole lost it
tried another model (pro) it was good too


From: MrB (MRB331) [#2]
 24 Apr 8:29
To: sandmangator [#1] 24 Apr 9:48

I have tried several of them. I like the Pro Soft in lime yellow the best. It is comparable to the TP5X imo.


From: Dave [#3]
 24 Apr 13:16
To: sandmangator [#1] 24 Apr 15:11

My son and I bought 3 doz to try. He liked the Pro +, I liked the Pro and neither of us were that in love with the Pro Soft. The matte finish just feels weird and they are a biotch to clean. Its muddy up here and the ball looks like hell after one hole. Did not try it in the different colors.


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